May 28, 2024

Biometric Technology: A Brief History

We now live in an age where people and industries are always driven by the question: What’s next? And when it comes to a future with convenient and secure access to various digital facilities, biometrics is paving the way for an entirely new arena. Today, mechanisms are already available to create a still secure platform but without the inconvenience of easy-to-forget passwords. What is in store for us in this early passwordless era? Let’s take a quick look.

The Passwordless Era

The digital age has created both advantages and disadvantages in consumers’ day-to-day activities. Indeed, transactions are now more convenient and straightforward, but we are also more prone to security and privacy risks than before. One critical concern relating to digital platforms is the vulnerability of passwords.

Passwords are easy to counterfeit. A user could be using a single password for all his accounts. And if such a password is not strong enough, it could be easily guessed or stolen, and then every account having that password is at risk.

Biometric authentication provides a solution for this password vulnerability concern. In contrast to passwords, and SMS or email hygiene, biometric authentication is very difficult to cheat. To access an account with biometric verification, one must match the user’s unique physical or behavioral feature. As such, it’s more secure, and the account is better guarded against scammers and hackers.

Examples of applications of biometric identity verification include the use of facial and fingerprint recognition to unlock mobile phones. The uses of biometric authentication are also prominent in the fields of banking, finance, healthcare, and security. Today, organizations and companies are investing more in reinforcing their digital security with platforms like the ekyc portal to provide better security and user experience for their consumers.

Biometrics: Then and Now

It is astounding to imagine a safe digital environment without the use of passwords. And it’s even more impressive to belong in a generation where this is possible. We are truly fortunate to see the result of years of developments in the technology that enables today’s automated biometrics.

If you are interested in the milestones of biometric technology throughout the years since its first application, you can learn more about its brief history in this timeline by LoginID.

Biometric Technology: a brief history