June 15, 2024

The Need for Trusted Age Verification for Cannabis Sales

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing as the United States introduces its legalization. A total of sixteen states, including Washington, DC, have legalized adult-use cannabis markets. With people continuously accepting marijuana for medical and recreational use, more and more states are legalizing cannabis dispensaries to produce more sales and stimulate economic growth. 

Aside from profit, setting up marijuana dispensaries provides employment and business opportunities, contributing to the industry’s maturity. The Marijuana Policy Group and RCH Economics say that legalizing marijuana can produce nearly 41,000 jobs and approximately $1.7 billion in labor income until 2024. Because of the increasing rates of cannabis demand, investors and manufacturers express their keen interest in selling cannabis products. Experts say that the cannabis industry in the UShas continuously flourished despite the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Additionally, critics explain that there is pushback against legalizing marijuana. There is potential confusion about shifting regulations and the increasing number of young people using the substance. Therefore, as the legal market grows, it is necessary for licensed vendors to strictly comply with the state laws, whether they operate online or in person. 

Cannabis sales are permitted only to individuals aged 21 and up. Typically, consumers must undergo identity verification to confirm their claimed age and prevent illegal dispensing of cannabis. Authorized dispensaries should take responsibility for verifying their customers’ age to avoid corresponding sanctions such as fines, incarceration, suspension, or revocation of their licenses. 

Traditionally, age checks are used when selling and buying cannabis online. However, self-report methods like age gates are not enough to verify the buyer’s age and information. So, legal sellers should leverage more advanced identity authentication systems to prevent forgery and minors from purchasing the product. 

Biometric identity verification and other automated identity document authentication are adequate replacements for conventional age checks. They can validate a persons’ claimed information and automatically confirm the validity of their presented credentials. Furthermore, they offer excellent and convenient services for both sellers and buyers. 

Proof™ by authID is an expert in providing biometric certainty and other identity proofing services for selling age-restricted goods. Vendors must use a reliable identity verification system like Proof™ to safeguard their licenses from unwanted consequences. 

Here is an infographic by authID to learn more about the age verification system in cannabis sales.

The Need for Trusted Age Verification For Cannabis Sales