April 17, 2024

What is a High Yield Type of Ink Cartridge?

In the business of printing, the term page yield is very commonly used, which actually refers to thepage numbers that you can print withany cartridge. Any larger cartridges that may contain much more ink will always print more and the page yield will be higher so we can call them high-yield ink cartridges.

The basic difference between any high yield and a certain standard yield cartridge

Usually, cartridges are available in 3 different sizes:

  • Standard yield
  • High-yield
  • Extra high-yield

A few manufacturers of the printer may often call them high capacity or sometimes extra high capacity, however, essentially all these are more or less the same and termed as either high-yield or any extra high yield ink cartridges. When we say high yield then we mean that it will be printing the more number of pages that you can expect from a given cartridge.

Why a user will prefer high-yield ink cartridges?

1. Extend your printer cartridge’s shelf life

If you go for high-yield cartridges then your cartridges will not require a stock of a good number of them in your store.  As your printer will continue to run uninterrupted for a pretty long time than before.

Based on your regular printing habits and also your overall printing costs, any high-yield cartridges are what you and also your company will prefer to keep as they need to restock a much lesser number. So you can save your space and will feel more comfortable.

2. Saves time and money

Any home or office who are printing too frequently can experience savings because theycan easily maintain the supply of these high-yield cartridges. Since you will buy them less frequently than before, you can save your time as well.

If you have bought a new printer, then you can also order for few high-yield cartridges along with it and that will be received simultaneously at a discounted price too. In this way, you end up saving both your time as well as your money too.

3. Minimize your carbon footprint

One substantial benefit that you may think of while using these high-yield cartridges instead of any standard ink cartridges, you can substantially decrease your carbon footprint. So, if you are using them at your business or home then you can use them with ease as you are contributing to reducing your carbon footprint.

Since these high-yield ink cartridges are going to last almost twice as long, also need less natural resources during their production over 2 or 3 standard-sized cartridges, hence, going for any higher yield variants will surely mean that your practice of printing business will beincreasingly sustainable.

Keeping this in mind, making the switch to such high-yield ink cartridges will be advantageous.

However, there is still one disadvantage to high-yield cartridges – their high cost. These cartridges can typically cost twice as much as standard-sized cartridges since they carry more ink. So, based on your needs, it will be worth calculating to check if these high-yield variations are worth your money.