May 28, 2024

Top Notch Commercial Phones From Clarity Voice

Regardless of sector, providing outstanding service to clients is always a top priority. Only when the businesses began establishing themselves could they expand. One of the simplest ways to keep consumers is to maintain open lines of contact. Customers are less likely to return if they can’t reach you.

Clarity Voice developed a VoIP solution for small and medium-sized organizations in order to reduce the impact on specialized industries. They might be important to you regardless of your industry. Instead of developing a one-size-fits-all approach, they have created lines that are best suited to the unique needs of your sector.


The automobile industry is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing. If you have an issue with your car, your mechanic is almost definitely overworked. Even if work proceeds at a rapid pace, arranging client visits and performing critical maintenance may become more difficult.

We provide call recording capabilities on our DealerPhones to ensure that all essential data can be accessed during calls to your dealership. Instead of checking your calendar, you might save time by using our service’s appointment notification option.

Noise cancellation and high-definition voice are two outstanding DealerPhone add-on features. You could chat with your clients without worrying about static or distorted voices. Certain auto body companies may create a lot of noise. These modifications will reduce the risk that background noises may irritate you or your customer.

DocPhones and PharmacyPhones

Although the transportation and medical sectors are both increasing, the reasons are somewhat different. If you are employed as a medical professional or doctor at a hospital, you may change your location suddenly, which may mislead a colleague who is looking for you. With DocPhones’ VoIP technology, you may send messages and call coworkers from anywhere on the planet.

DocPhones’ security is very outstanding, thanks to high-tech security additives. The Hippocratic oath requires doctors to secure their patients’ identities, yet the technology that supports their standard phones is particularly vulnerable to hacking.

Medical practitioners can also benefit from our PharmacyPhones. You may set up a variety of routers for various client circumstances, such as pharmaceutical inquiries or refill requests so that the proper person can reply immediately without playing phone tag.


PizzaPhones, one of our most prominent alternatives, was developed by former pizza operators to assist other companies in handling calls from hungry consumers. Typically, callers who receive a busy signal are discouraged from attempting again. As a consequence, PizzaPhones has a wide range of products. While they wait for you to answer the phone, they may learn about the most current menu additions and specials.

Because of its dependability, we have already utilized this technology in hundreds of privately owned and franchised pizza restaurants. Pizza Hut and Pizza King are two of our well-known clientele. When your neighborhood business realizes how far they’ve traveled, it will follow in their footsteps.

Clarity Voice Offers Unparalleled Services

In addition to the phone services mentioned above, we also provide franchise phones, which may put any company well ahead of the competition in any particular market. Clarity Voice has dedicated itself to providing a first-rate phone system for businesses of all sizes and sectors for over ten years.

Some of our VoIP rivals cannot provide the same level of customized service that we provide. You may rely on our services to provide you with exactly what you need at the correct moment. There are various different phone networks accessible if you require assistance with the above phone networks. Remove missed calls and busy signals. Clarity Voice may be able to assist you with updating your company’s outdated communication infrastructure.